Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weierwei V-1000 UHF HT

Weierwei V-1000

So this is the new Weierwei V-1000 (don't ask me how it's pronounced!) UHF FM transceiver. The build quality is excellent and as far as I am concerned the best out of the transceivers that have been imported. You will note that the case is very well built and rugged for that matter, the battery is a standard lithium Ion 1200 mahjob with a drop in charger to match that fits the radio well, very similar to the Puxing 777 charger (they are the same pretty much). The list of features is very long and will be provided in this short review. The antenna is a SMA male type that looks very nice with the radio and performs pretty well I might add. The radio again came with a free ear piece that is pretty much worthless unless you are in a vehicle and don't want to disturb others, it's very cheaply made and I now have 3 of them and one is already broke. The LCD screen on this unit is a very good quality Dot matrix display with many lines of info available to the user. The screen background also has the ability to be changed in color from purple, orange and blue, seems to be a trend with these over seas HT's. The middle VFO knob is a great addition in the fact that it stands a little taller than the on/off volume control and is easy for folks with larger hands. The unit also supports a Fully functional DTMF key pad with two programmable side buttons under the PTT key. This unit also has the ability to do optional signalling such as MSK etc. that is available in the software programming of the radio. A quick note on software....if you have an old two pin kenwood cable you can program it with no problem! The software is freeware and can be downloaded from the website: http://www.gzwew.com/eVdownload.asp?v=1 I have the version 3 software and it works very good. Alpha tagging is also supported and you can even cut and paste the frequency you choose right to the software without even typing a thing! (that kicks ass!) Another feature that you may find interesting but not necesaarily usefull (depending on who you are) is a fully functional FM radio, no joke a actual FM radio that allows you to listen to your favorite radio station. I did try it out and it was actually pretty cool. Audio output on the speaker was actually outstanding and louder than some of the many big name HT's that I have owned in the past. There is so much more that this rig can do that I am not getting into because I would be here all day. For my final note I will say that the price is probably the last question that comes to mind and it's the best part. For everything that you get you will end up paying around $78 USD shipped to your door (and marked as a toy with no value I might add) Not bad for a mono band HT with the same features as a commercial rig and the convenience in programming from the unit itself. I would have to say this one is a winner and again highly recommended if you are on a tight bugdet (who isn't these days?). To get all the features on this little guy you would have to pay around 300-350 dollars on a commercial Kenwood TK series or a Motorola HT with no possiblity of programming from the panel (the Moto GP-68 does not count, it does not support the same features as this one!) So there you have it, my unnoficial review of another cheap chinese import. Look for more info and pictures. Another small video is down below ↓. 73 de KC2PLJ


  1. one question what is that little mail envelope icon on the display for?

    I have this same HT and when someone dials in for echolink the display changes to the number 5 and the mail icon comes on.. I can't figure out why that is and the manual says nothing about it.

  2. Really?? I just got my radio I will have to look at that.

  3. I am not exactly sure what the little mail envelope icon is either. It does not state anywhere in the manual what it does and several attempts to contact the company have me more confused with the poor English translation of there "Tech Support" Please let me know if you find out as I am just as curious. Mike KC2PLJ

  4. I've been trying to find out about the mail as well.. I have the HT beside me now and with the Hurricane Irene going on and people dialling in it keeps popping up.

  5. How to play the FM radio? no sound? and #T-R beep but not function. please tel me.

  6. I just picked up two of these radios. The frequency range on the inside of the radio says 400-470MHz. I am interested in transmitting and receiving on the MURS frequency (~151.8200). Is there a way to change the band limits to a different range or is it set by the hardware? Thanks!

  7. I just aquired a couple of this radio vev-v1000 from a friend. The frequency range is 440-480 Mhz.
    Language is in Chinese and no mention in menu about language change. Cannot find the specfpc software for this range worse stilll no manual in English.
    Can someone help!!!!